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Duo Leonore von Stauss and Doris Müller-Baumgartner

Although the hammered dulcimer is widely known in Folkmusic, it is not a common virtuosic concert instrument of the Baroque and Classic periods.
In the 18th century there were travelling dulcimer virtuosi all around Europe and therefore much "original" repertoire exists.

Doris Müller-Baumgartner (hammered dulcimer) and Leonore von Stauss (fortepiano) have been experimenting with the musical combination of dulcimer and fortepiano for some time, as well as with baroque psaltery and harpsichord.

Together these two artists have mastered all the available original literature from the 17th to the 21st centuries for dulcimer/psaltery and basso continuo/harpsichord as well as fortepiano.


Doris Müller-Baumgartner -  Dulcimer

Leonore von Stauss - Fortepiano